Building Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics community; leaving no one behind


...and visualization even makes it more enjoyable - that’s what STEMonWeb offers you.

  • STEMonweb is like a typical social networking platform so you can connect with your friends as Study mates or be part of educative groups and learn in a highly interactive way.
  • You will be able to share your educational experiences with your friends by uploading your videos, pictures and other resources.
  • You can ask question and receive answers from others or vice versa in form of posts/comments.
  • Learning science should fuel innovation, showcase your invention in the invention corner because your talent deserves some accolades!
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...and visualization even makes it more enjoyable - that’s what STEMonWeb offers you.

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  • You will be able to create closed groups and share additional resources needed to buttress your teachings with your students.
  • STEMonweb increases approachability of your students to learning, as some naturally introverted students are found to be online extroverts (being more expressive of themselves) : increasing students' participations hence making effective learning possible .
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STEMonweb gives you the opportunity to play more role in your Child's education than just a financier.

  • Seamless communication with your Child‘s teacher
  • You won’t have to wait till the end of the term or open day to know your child’s academic performance and with STEMonWeb , no matter how far apart you can be, you will still be part of your child’s education
  • With the tripartite nature (Student- Teacher – Parent) of STEMonweb , you are bound to experience a greater bond with your child.
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The 5C's of STEMonWeb

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STEMonWeb is built with a typical social networking-like model , as a student, you can add your friends as studymates and as a Teacher you can connect with other teachers and share resources.


STEMonWeb allows deeper collaboration through various study groups.




Seamless communication between students and their Teachers / Teachers and Parents via a chat/messaging system.


You can create learning resources and upload them to the Public Library or submit to the invention corner.

Create Resources

Public Resources


STEMonWeb provides a curated repository to upload learning resources i.e videos, pictures and others in a well-organized manner. Users can share, comment on and also give a thumb-up on the shared resources.

Intra-school Network (School Community)

A special privilege granted to schools who want to make all their connected students as well as their activities within the school community on the platform private and invisible to other users on the platform. To benefit from this, you need to request for a school code by sending your school name, location and email address to STEMonWeb admin

Request for a School Code

Why STEMonWeb?

STEMonWeb was created to fuel Science, Technology and Innovation. The dwindling performance of students in STEM subjects in recent times has been attributed to two major factors:

  • The addictive use of social media for mere entertainment
  • Lack of funding for quality education resources such as quality teachers, infrastructures such as well-equipped laboratories

STEMonWeb will solve these identified problems in the following ways:

  • By using the purported ‘social ills’ of social networking to correct the ugly situation by putting Social media technology to ‘good use’ in fostering educative information sharing from student to student (Study mates); teacher to students through study groups and direct messaging where they are no longer limited by brick and mortar ; teacher to teacher to keep abreast of modern pedagogies. And, further leverage on the dopamine effect of social media through likes (thumb-ups) and comments to enhance students’ interest in learning. Learning is now fun with STEMonWeb!
  • The dearth of well-equipped laboratories has been a bane of the education sector in some parts of the world, imagine secondary school graduate who cannot identify basic laboratory equipment let alone make use of them. Picture speaks louder than words; shared video contents such as actual live recordings of science practical and practical integrated lessons (the public library); even the ones created by camera phones from users who are privileged to have been exposed to practical classes in their community/school will move less privileged students in the society (and around the world) from the level of mere memorizing to the level they can apply scientific knowledge to everyday living. This will create a world of equal opportunities without leaving anyone behind.